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Hill + Daniel was founded by Shayla Hill who brings passion and innovation to her creations. Looking to break from the traditions of the typical home fragrance company, Hill + Daniel brings together high-quality design with the intimate artistry of hand-crafted creation to produce items like nothing else.  With a background in cleaning and home care, Shayla has a deep understanding of how to turn space into a welcoming and harmonious environment. 


Hill + Daniel offer products designed to capture the essence of nature and to unlock its secrets. Scents come in a variety of styles and are designed to relax, calm, and to transform a living space into a loving space. All experimenting, blending, mixing and packaging is done by hand and on demand, meaning fresh and unique products that are perfect for anyone who wants to take a break from the complex world and smell the roses (or woods) along the way.


/ Inspiration

Shayla followed in her grandmother’s footsteps by starting up her own cleaning company. Not content with just offering services to clean other people’s homes, she really wanted to do something different for her clients. She decided that her own line of natural home cleaning products would be ideal, but a conversation with her mom was to lead to something even better. As her all-purpose soap was suitable for cleaning the home or your body, her mom tried a lemongrass scented one as an aid to help her sleep after losing her husband. The immediate effect was her first good sleep in months.

This was all the motivation that Shayla needed after losing her dad and to help her mom sleep better at night. Before long she had developed pillow sprays that were scented with lavender and lemongrass and had formed her own company, Hill + Daniel, named after her grandmother’s maiden and married names. Soon, Shayla was experimenting with new and exciting fragrances, expanding her range with more complex, like woody scents, while still aiming to keep things simple and classic at the same time.

Now 2 years into her fragrance business and with a fine balance of smooth and rougher textures, that cater for men and women, Shayla hasn’t lost touch with her first thoughts which were to have products that can be used for the home, body, car, or wherever. She also hopes to expand her range further and offer other products in the near future.

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